Heat Pumps

A heat pump is a mechanical device that operates on a reduced electrical power input to heat the water in your geyser. It is fitted in a well-ventilated area to pull in the FlexiSpy review ambient air around the heat pump and in-turn allowing transfer of heat from the heat pumps compressed gas to the geysers’ water flowing through the heat pump.

The size heat pump needed, is dependent on the type of hot water usage and usage.

At SolarJoy, we would commonly use a heat pump in cases where there is no option for the application for solar water heating due to limited roof space &/limited availability of sun hours due to shading. We would also use heat pumps as a backup to a solar water heating system to heat water that the sun was unable to heat on more overcast days. A heat pump – solar combination is the ideal setup as the saving is increased to ±95% of normal electric water heating expenses.

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