Pool Heating

Many homes have pools which require pool pumps to operate at an annual average of 4 to 5 hours a day. Due to the season changes, pools are not able to be used through-out the year. Solar heating your pool water allows our clients an extended swimming season, getting more value from their pools.

Heating a pool can either be done by installing a solar blanket, solar pool panels, and/ or a pool heat pump.

A floating solar pool blanket could increases pool water temperature by up to 8°C. Solar pool panels can increase water temperatures up to 15°C, and having your pool blanket installed with it will ensure that the heat generated is locked in.

A pool heat pump may be installed as well to heat pool water, however we always advise, if possible to install the pool blanket to lock in its heat generated and the solar pool panels to be the primary source of heating as the solar panels will not require as much energy to heat the water as the heat pump would. The heat pump will then only operate to maintain temperatures on the cooler days of the year, or when otherwise needed.

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