Recirculating System

Save Hot Water Runoff

Avoid wasting hot water by installing a hot water recirculating system. The principal behind this is simple. A circulating pump is installed in the plumbing lines which creates a loop that circulates the water in the hot water pipes back into the geyser for reheat. This mean that as soon as you open a faucet or turn on a shower, warm water is already present in those pipes. Save water and avoid hot water runoff.

Hot Water Re circulation System

A hot water re circulation system allows you to have warm water quickly at your basin or shower. Water is saved when you no longer must wait for your basin or shower water to be hot. The system operates with a water circulating pump on a timer. The cooled water in your pipes is pumped back to your geyser for reheating.

In new homes and buildings, a separate recirculating pipe line is installed, while in existing homes and buildings we offer an under the sink option while using a cold-water return line. As a new, or existing home owner, there is an opportunity to save water.

Rain Water Harvesting and Water Filtration

Rainwater harvesting is the collection, filtration, storage and distribution of rainwater for use in homes and businesses. Typically, rooftop harvesting is applied, where the flow of rainwater onto roofs is directed to storage tanks for later use. The stored water can be used for flushing toilets, in washing machines, irrigation, as an emergency supply of water and other general uses.

The photos show a rainwater harvesting system with 15 000 litres storage capacity:

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