Solar System Check and Service

We thank you for your much valued support over the years and trust that your Solar Water Heating System and / or Heat Pump has brought you fantastic savings since being installed.

To ensure that your system continues to operate at optimal performance, we would like to offer to have the system checked and serviced if in service for over a year. We highly recommend an annual service, not only will it longer the life expectancy of the system it will ensure maximum savings.

Over the past few years, geyser manufacturers and SABS have made a few changes to its warrantee requirements and Solar Heating standards respectively, and to ensure you are not left in the cold when your geyser does fail, we would like to do any required upgrades along with the service to ensure the system is compliant.

The Solar Water Heating System Service includes the following:

– Check Non return Valves for grit and lime scale build up and clean/ replace if required
– Check pump is functioning correctly
– Check solar collectors and connections
– Check waterproofing and touch up
– Check on-roof pipe insulation and replace or recoat as required
– Check controller settings and adjust if required
– Check condition of geyser and advise:
— If geyser is between 1.5 and 2 years in service, anode may need change out
— If geyser is in poor or failed condition, we recommend replacement
– Assess system for any geyser manufacturer or SABS modification requirements

The Heat Pump System Service includes the following:

– Check evaporator for:
— corrosion or scaling
— Wash and clean evaporator fins for efficient heat transfer
– Check base for:
— Base clean on inside and out
— Ensure drainage holes are not blocked
— No rust or corrosion in and out of unit
— Signs for leaking oil on components
— Ensure all connections are good, secure and dry
– Check Piping and fittings for
— Leaks and that lagging still in good condition and re-coat if in direct sunlight
— Clean Y-Strainer
– Gas Pressure vs Temperature
— Should be within Spec and adjust if necessary
– Assess system for any geyser manufacturer or SABS modification requirements

Prior to making any changes for upgrades or repairs, you will be notified for your approval.

Service Price: Email [email protected] for more info and queries.

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