There is much discussion about living a “green” lifestyle and changes you can make at home that will not only assist the environment but also save on your household expenses. For many the question has been what steps they can take towards this lifestyle and where they can find green energy efficient products. 


SolarJoy, one of the first businesses to sell and install new generation solar panels for geysers on the Cape Flats, was established in 2005 by Mahmood Chikté, a qualified authentic site mechanical engineer. Prior to SolarJoy being established, Mahmood Specialised in Refrigeration Design for 17 years at a South African based, Swiss company, through which his android spy, call recording, whatsapp spy, interest and research into solar energy began. Recognising an opportunity for a growing sustainable alternative to heating water for all communities, Mahmood started researching further into its advantages ten years ago and started trading as a sole proprietor from home.

SolarJoy has since moved to larger premises in Lansdowne, where Mahmood has been joined by his son, Raees. Raees says that the space has allowed SolarJoy to serve a larger base of clients and to have increased its product range with various forms of sustainable energy.

SolarJoy now serves as a green energy consulting company, specialising in solar water heating, heat pumps, pool heating, photovoltaics and LED lighting.

We always strive to meet our clients’ requirements with the latest renewable energy solutions, which we achieve through industry experience and up-to-date sustainable energy knowledge.

At SolarJoy we guarantee delivery of; high quality products, installation services that produces some of the highest possible product efficiencies and after sale services that always put our clients first. We are capable of managing all types and sizes of projects in the residential, industrial, medical and hospitality sectors. Our team is equipped to advise clients on customised solutions that deliver high returns on their investment. We also aim to create awareness and to educate communities about the need and advantages of sustainable energy and its use in our present and future generations with every installation we do.

“It is fact that a correctly installed solar water heating system or heat pump can save ±80% and ±67% respectively, of your yearly water heating costs. Also swopping out your conventional incandescent light bulbs with LED lighting can drop your lighting bill by up to ±90%” says Mahmood.

We will always be ready to give advice on green energy to anyone that requires any.

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From the Solarjoy Team