How much will I save using a SolarJoy system?


Our systems can save you up to 80% of your yearly water heating costs

Will I save during winter?


All our Solar water heating systems are aligned for the winter mSpy app Review sun angle. Allowing your system to still save you money during winter

Will I have hot water during the night?


Our systems are controlled with a Geyserwise Max. It will control your temperature on a day to day basis allowing you to always have hot water

Is the system guaranteed?


The complete system including the workmanship carries a one year guarantee. However the panel carries a 5 year guarantee.

How long will the system last?


The system will last more than 20 years with minimal maintenance.

How hot does the water get?


Our systems are able to withstand temperatures of 120˚C, however the water temperature is dependent on the suns intensity, which could reach up to 75˚C the water will be controlled to never drop below 55˚C during the day when the water is required.