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Written by Amanda H. Miller

The largest airport solar array in the country, currently under construction at the Indianapolis International Airport, has become one company’s Launchpad.

Telamon Corporation, a consulting firm specializing in making businesses more efficient and simplifying their processes, announced this week that it intends to focus more energy on developing solar projects after finishing consulting work on the Indianapolis airport solar array.


Telamon’s first foray into the solar energy sector was a smaller-scale project with the Indiana Housing Authority earlier this year. The company, based in Carmel, Indiana, then began doing pre-development, engineering and other logistics work on the airport’s major array with 41,000 solar photovoltaic panels. The array, which is owned and maintained by General Energy Solutions, will produce enough electricity to power 1,200 average American homes a year, according to an earlier press release about the project.

Telamon consulted on much of the development of the almost $40 million project and partnered with General ENergy Solutions, the Indianapolis Airport Authority, the City of Indianapolis, GES, Johnson Melloh Solutions, Coenergy Power and Indianapolis Power & Light Company.

“Telamon’s involvement in the IND Solar Farm has put us and all project partners on the map as forward-thinking leaders in the energy arena,” said Eric Tate, Executive Vice President of Telamon’s Energy Solutions division. “The IND Solar Farm is the perfect case study to showcase Telamon’s expertise and experience in bringing solar projects to fruition.”

The company is already pursuing solar energy development opportunities at other airports, educational facilities and with major auto manufacturers, according to a release from the company this week.

The airport project fits into the type of work Telamon usually does, which is simplifying business practices, streamlining them and helping companies become more efficient and lean, according to a release from Telamon.

“[We have] been happy to play a role in helping the Indianapolis Airport Authority reach its goals of increasing non-airline generated revenue and becoming a more green entity”, said Albert Chen, Telamon President & CEO. “Participating through the planning, design, construction, project oversight and financing stages of the IND Solar Farm as a venture partner has been a learning process for Telamon and we look forward to further expanding our business in the solar industry.”