Pool blankets are a great way to ensure and healthy and efficient pool all year round. They can cut energy consumption by up to 50%, practically eliminate surface evaporation and filtration cycles will be reduced. We supply and install, contact us today for a quote.

There are many benefits to using a pool blanket and below are just a few:

1. Will virtually eliminate evaporation, which is calculated by the Department of Water Affairs to be 5 – 6 liters per m² of surface area per day.

2. Will cut chemical consumption by 50%. For average pool, ½ cup of chlorine every other dayand in winter 1 cup per week should be adequate.

3. Filtration cycle may be reduced saving money on electricity and wear and tear on pool cleaner.

4. Life expectancy +/- two seasons if used continuously but experience has shown that with care the cover will last for anything up to 6 years.

5. Leaves falling on top of the cover may be brushed to the side using a pool brush and removed by hand.

6. Will raise pool temperature by 3ºC + in season giving more pleasurable swimming and extended season. A solar bubble cover is the cheapest way of raising the pool temperature by a significant amount.

7. Floats on the water, is an attractive colour, needs no sandbags or tie downs and will not blow away except under extreme conditions. It can also be made up to fit any size or shape of pool – pools with sundecks is no problem.

8. If one considers the saving in water, electricity, chemicals and wear and tear on the pool cleaner, a cover will pay for itself within 12-15 months and the warmer water will greatly enhance the pleasure of a swimming pool.

Click here to download a full benefits and sizing guide.