Featured Installation: Rondebosch, CPT

This weeks featured installation comes from Rondebosch in Cape Town.

Featured Installation


Original Setup
200litre Kwikot geyser installed outdoors on patio, with long pipe runs to serve homes hot water requirements.
Also assessed were the existing 50W halogen downlights, drawing large power in the home

New setup
Existing 200litre geyser originally positioned outdoors with extensive pipe runs to homes point of use, as well as being exposed to the elements, was repositioned in concealed roof space to reduce both the length of hot water piping and heat loss from the geyser. The geyser was then retrofitted to solar using 2 x 1.6m2 flat plate solar panels, as well as the existing 2 x 1.2m2 solar panels. Due to the roof facing Due-West the oversized aperture area compensates for the radiant energy absorption lost through the morning periods.

The existing 12V 50W halogen downlights were replaced with 220V 5W downlights, which let off an excellent 450lumens each.

R42600 – Rebate of R6398 = R 36202 cost of renewable form of heating water and installation of LED lighting
Rebate ceded to SolarJoy allowing lower capital outlay of only the after rebate amount to SolarJoy

2-3 years for the Solar Water Heating
1.5years for the LED lighting