Featured Installation: Walmer Estate,  Cape Town

Our featured installation this week belongs to S.Noordien from Walmer Estate in Cape Town.



Walmer Estate

Original Setup

150 Kwikot geyser in working order

Converted/ new setup

Retrofit the existing 150 litre geyser with a 2m2 SABS Approved Flat Plate Solar Collector tilted at 45 deg facing North on the East/West pitched roof.


R14888 before receiving a rebate of R5797 = Actual Expense R9091

Payback %

1-2 years

Clients Feedback

“Firstly, I would like to say thanks for the service provided. Your insight was very helpful, in-depth and always willing to elaborate when questions were asked, also always looked at potential alternatives to assist us.

We have had the system installed for a little over a month now and to date we have experience no problems. On the contrary it’s been a great investment.

We have opted for the retrofit installation with the solar panels tilted in the North direction on our East/West pitched roof.
We have the Geyserwise system controller included, helping to regulate timing of heating the geyser (when required).
The installation took a day and the step by step instruction on how the system operates was also very helpful for us to implement.

Despite the rainy weather experienced over the month of September, we still managed to half our electricity usage. I cannot wait until we have clear summer skies for me to experience an even greater benefit.

I would recommend SolarJoy services to anyone looking to install energy efficient supplies.”