Featured Installation: Oranjezight, Cape Town

wednesday-featThis weeks featured installation belongs to P.Le Roux, from Oranjezight in Cape Town.

All the details of this project below:

Oranjezight, Cape Town, Western Cape

Original Setup

x 150 Kwikot geyser and 1 x 200 Kwikot geyser (Both Failed)
Converted/ new setup
2x 150 litre Solartherm geysers (10 year Guarantee) installed in tandem, with 2 x 2.3m2
SABS Approved SolarJoy Flat Plate Solar Collectors producing Free Solar Heated water. The system is pumped using a Bronze FES circulation pump


R33600 before receiving a rebate of R10664 = Actual Expense R22936

Payback %

2-3 years

Thank you, Waseem, for a job well done.

I am happy to strongly recommend Solarjoy to anyone contemplating installing a solar heated geyser system.
Their solar panels are attractive, and the system is very effective. The controls system is modern with a wide variety of options, and it allows the user to chose the settings appropriate to his or her own circumstances and to monitor actual electricity consumption. One is entitled to a rebate from Escom when using Solarjoy, which means that the net installation costs are reasonable. On my calculations we are likely to recoup the costs of the installation within a few years through savings on our electricity bill, and at the same time we are environmentally responsible by cutting down significantly on our overall electricity use, and avoiding peak times when we do need to heat the geyser with electricity.
The work was done efficiently, timely and very neatly, and when one of the valves had to be replaced under the guarantee, this was done immediately, with no hassles for us.
Overall we have been very satisfied with the work done by Solarjoy and with the quality of the system installed.