Photovoltaic (PV) Electricity generation

Photovoltaic(PV) systems are used to generate electricity through PV solar panels installed on the best lit surface of the premises. Each panel is an electrical device built up of solar cells converting light energy directly into electricity to power lights and appliances. The system can either be connected directly into the electrical mains power grid(Grid-Tied) or may be used to power a battery bank(Off-Grid). Grid- Tied systems have a lower initial expense in comparison to battery operated systems. An average Grid-Tied PV system varies in price ranging from R12 300 to R170 000 for a 250W and 6000W system respectively and have a 5 to 6 year return on investment. These systems carry a 25 year warrantee.

Types of systems Direct and In-direct

Direct systems:
Geysers which have water running from the solar panel directly into the geyser water, mixing with the water within the cylinder, it heats up.

Indirect systems:
Indirect systems make use of a coil as a heat exchanger with glycol in the coil to transfer heat from the panel to the geyser. The glycol has a low freezing point to allow it to operate in very low ambient temperatures.

So How Will You Know Which One You need?

Coastal area – Normally direct
Inland area, or any area with a chance of high frost or below zero temperatures – Indirect

These systems could be Thermosiphon systems or a Pumped systems.


Solar Geyser Thermosiphon system

Thermosiphon system
– This is an illustration of a solar geyser connected to the solar panel in such a way that allows the water to circulate continuously from the geyser to the panel and back to the panel without the use of a pump.
– It does however require a min. of 300mm between the bottom of geyser and top of solar panel to allow this to work.

Solar Geyser Thermosiphon System

Solar Geyser Pumped system

Pumped system
– This is an illustration of a solar geyser connected to the solar panel with the use of a pump.
– This is our most common method of installation due to most geysers being lower than the panel
– The system works intelligently with the coupled Geyserwise controller, which controls the temperature with its built in timer and the systems pump. The pumped system also allows you full control over your system.