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200L System Retrofit / Conversion kits 3m2 Flat Plate


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This price is an estimate and includes installation of the Retrofit/ Conversion kit for a 200L geyser Suitable for north orientation, pitched roof mounting. For a quote please contact us and we will get you a confirmed price.
Geyser can be installed inside the roof as it is a pumped system.
200L Systems are suitable for households of 4 people or less.


  • 3m2 SS SWH Flat Panel  – 10Yr Warrantee project
  • FES pump
  • Geyserwise Max
  • 15mm NRV (Spring Type)
  • 3 x 1/2″ Genebre BSP lever type ball valve
  • Thermostatic Tempering Valve
  • Solar TP Valve 400kPa (long Stem)
  • 15mm  Auto air release valve 180 deg C
  • 22mm thermoflex insulation (7/8″ x 1/2″) R1
  • 15mm thermoflex insulation (5/8″ x 1/2″) R1


Retrofit existing 150 liter Kwikot or similar geyser with panel. We assume existing installation is in compliance and that geyser is within 4m of the north facing roof where panel would be mounted.


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