1) Solar energy is a renewable source and if stored through the day, can be used at night as well.
2) Environment-friendly – Solar energy does not produce carbon dioxide or other harmful emissions.
3) Very useful – Used for geysers, powering cars, drying the clothes, powering fans, name it. Solar energy can provide it.
4) Cost – To harness this type of energy has reduced in cost drastically over the recent years and is affordable.
5) Installed products – Having these products would reduce your homes expenses.
6) Business venture. If you were able to make a very good solar energy system, there is a probability that companies will purchase your invention. Now that’s a good inspiration for kids to study well and do well in school.
7) Energy for life. With solar energy as your primary source of energy, you don’t need any other.
8) Easy to operate. You don’t have to connect the solar panels to gas or power grids if designed for this purpose
9) Easy set-up – Remote areas can also benefit from easy solar energy set-ups.
10) Slower speed. Cars with solar energy provide slower speed. Talk about safety.
11) Harnessing solar energy has a low maintenance means less expense and more savings.